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About Infosec

InfoSec is fully-fledged IT COMPANY specializing in Information Security (IT Security).We employ a strategic customer-centric approach to allow our customers achieve strong Cyber Security Standards to stop hackers with focus on critic Business Assets like Network, Risk & Compliance…

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  • The Quality approach
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Get the most out of Cyber Security

Network Firewall

It involves protecting the business network from unwanted access.

Network Access Control

Having control over who accesses the network, where & when they used it.

Vulnerability Assessment

Website security must be a priority in any organization but is overlooked.


Think of it as a central intelligence point where all events are looked

Database Security

It is part of the PCI-DSS requirements to ensure information is safe.

Web Applications Firewall

Web apps are a target for hackers because of easily accessibility.

Privilege Account Security

This integrates with the active directory to ensures strict Admin Login Systems

Mobile Security

Excitor Mobile Security provides a secure container on mobile devices