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Data Classification offers two main benefits; firstly to add Metadata to unstructured data such as emails, Office and files (video, graphics, images, PDF’s etc) Secondly Data Classification offers the ability to add visual labels and markings to emails and MS Office documents.

Metadata Generator – Creates metadata that can be used to enhance archiving, data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, and perimeter security solutions.

Label Marker (emails) – Applies visual markings in the email subject line and message body to clearly identify information sensitivity.

By enabling users to classify emails upon creation, organizations can add structure to the vast number of emails that are sent every day. This helps to prevent inadvertent disclosure, comply with internal and regulatory marking standards, and enhance infrastructure solutions such as archiving, DLP, and encryption.

Protective Marking (Office) – Applies visual markings to headers, footers, and watermarks to clearly identify the sensitivity of the information.

By enabling users to classify documents upon creation, organizations can add structure and context to the vast number of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents that are created and shared every day. Classification for Microsoft Office easily integrates into existing IT environments and enhances other infrastructure solutions, providing an excellent ROI and immediate compliance and information protection impact.

Classification for Desktop provides the first step in protecting sensitive files from data leakage. With a right-click interface integrated into Microsoft Windows Explorer’, users can easily classify any file type on their desktop. The solution stores the user’s selection as metadata, which travels with the file and helps other data loss prevention (DLP) solutions accurately identify and protect the information.