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Check Point is a leader in Enterprise Internet Security according to Gartner.

Network/Perimeter security is one of the oldest and basic forms of security. It involves protecting the business network from external and mostly unwanted access. Think of it as having a gate to the entrance of your home to prevent outsiders from gaining access to the inside unless you allow them.

Previously, perimeter security involved controlling which IP address can be allowed through and to which internal IP address, but with the evolution of threats and the need to have more access form different business partners to different internal systems for smooth business co-operation, perimeter security has evolved from your traditional packet filter firewall to what we call the Next Generation Firewalls that can achieve blocking at different levels of the OSI layer.

Checkpoint is the market leader in Next Gen firewalls and is a 100% security vendor, with a reputation of having the best firewalls and simple to use and integrate.

Checkpoint comes as a unified threat management solution with traditional firewall, IPS, VPN and now includes Application Control, URL filtering, Anit-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti BOT, Identity Awareness, DLP (data loss prevention) features all in one box! So you have your internal network secure from all threat vectors.