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In most organizations we have system admins managing the day to day systems to ensure smooth business continuity. We have entrusted them with the job to take care of the most business critical assets, but who is monitoring them? We have generic/shared accounts for login into systems such as the username ADMIN, SYSADMIN, ROOT etc.

Should systems be compromised, or go down, how can we trace back to the responsible owner? How can we tell that it was user “Adam Oduor”, that logged into the system and caused a down time and what exactly did they do?

This brings about the Privilege access management (PAM) and Application monitoring solution. This solution integrates with the active directory and ensures that any user logging into a system as ADMIN or ROOT, has their user name tagged the session and further more (or optionally) record the session and be able to playback or monitor in real time! What they are doing.

The privilege username and passwords are completely obscured from the Admins, we get centralized management of these accounts, and the ability to create policies determining which systems an administrator can connect to, using which privilege accounts and what levels of commands they can execute; Full visibility, control and accountability.

This will help the business to be able to do audit forensics on WHAT HAPPENED, WHO DID IT, WHAT DID THEY DO. This clears up the endless blame game and finger pointing that never solves the problem, and as we all know, time is money! Solve the issue quickly, save time hence money.

With CyberArk, we can monitor applications and record videos that can be replayed as a video, and link privilege user sessions to the actual Active directory user involved in the session. The solution achieving all this is CYBERARK.